A green pushpinWelcome to the “supTweet” blog – inspired by the “need for feed”  –  August 27, 2015. I hope you are enjoying the summer between breaking news stories. My procrastination is doing vey well or is it the avalanche of interesting developments lays me low?

My review  of Carlotta Gall‘s “The Wrong Enemy“, an  exposé of Pakistan’s agenda and its manipulation by politicians and the ISI of the Taliban and neighbor Afghanistan, is now published here. Especially on point it is  as a smoldering Karachi international airport recovers from last night’s attack by the Taliban and the horrible massacre of school children in Peshawar, Pakistan may be at the end of its patience with (or fear of) clamping down on terrorists in North Waziristan at last, as a result of these (and many more) attacks, which have severed peace talk connections. Tiananmen Square‘s massacre in 1989 has passed in anniversary, with hardly a peep from nations and democracies turning a blind eye on China’s one-party tyranny to keep business profits flowing. But wait—there’s more. Beginning in June China’s stock market slammed into the Great Wall of Reality and the Great Bubble began deflating. Wishful thinking and a soaring stock market facts on the ground do not make. More coming on that.

*freebies* Many of my blog’s visitors read my advice and walk-throughs on installing a working Joomla locally on their Mac’s Apache server with MAMP. (coming soon Drupal! and a small local PHP/MySQL example input/output DB) They also take away my free pushpin images to make the web a more beautiful space. *freebie* (note: Twitter 1.1 is out and there are issues with my code for complex curating/search criteria – will fix this soon) Plus and new, my coding how-to for taming the wild herds of #’s in your Twitter search/feed widget . Free code,  free experience. “Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want”

Our mission is to share insight and to discuss the latest developments in Internet technology. Right up there is Apple’s iService (cloud powered stores, technologies, etc.) graphic status page. Is iTunes Store down? is a great service to check your cloud status. Recent activities:

Anyway, it’s important that citizens hear about the [messy] exploding networked world in plain, interesting—or even sarcastic, English (American variant). Big data can overwhelm comprehension in fact or shall we say, sometimes by intent. Winnowing it for friends and cohorts is important. An informed voter (if you are fortunate enough to be in a nation that has a vote) is way better than a blindly angry and uninformed one, if less predictable. Washington DC Weather right now…

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Latest week’s activity in the Shanghai Composite Index from Infomine

1 Week SSEC Index Chart - Shanghai Composite Index Performance

For the paranoid, refresh the fear with my mega-super-tweet on drones here and read about the craziness around the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act as heard from Senator Wyden (update: this was recently passed into law).

If you are new to DC and urgently need to meet that lobbyist or pass that “off-the-record bit of insider gossip, here’s help for  getting around in DC and  Metro/Weather/Maps. Please follow me here as I produce articles that leverage a local’s access to some great resources and speakers local to the nation’s capitol city. I take my own photographs. I especially want to express gratitude to organizations like The Atlantic, The Brookings Institute, Ogilvy Public Relations, The Hudson Institute, The Palestine Center, George Mason University, American University, Georgetown UniversityCodePink, American Enterprise Institute, DC Linktank, CATO Instititute, The Newseum, The Stimson Center, The U.S.-Indonesian Society, The Middle East Institute, SAIS/Johns Hopkins/Nitze, The Library of Congress, China Daily MailThe Atlantic Council, Busboys and Poets, Institute of World Politics, The Kissinger Institute, The McCain Institute, The Center For National Policy, Resources for the Future, Revenue Watch Institute, World Affairs Council (DC),, The Heritage Foundation, the Montreal Gazette, PS21 (Project for 21st Century), The Brent Scowfroft Center and Atlantic Council, The National Press Club, CSIS, and the U.S. Congress peanut gallery facility for being open and welcoming me in to many great events. And of course my loving wife who is downstairs texting me to get down there and make coffee. I have completed a local install of both Joomla 1.5 and 2.5.2., 2.5.3 and the JCE editor. Running on my MacBook (OS X 10.6.8) under the Apache server using MAMP. Very cool. I have a very large site to migrate to Joomla this summer and I am studying. I am also installing a local Drupal that is not ready for prime time yet. Today (July 25, 2012) my opinion letter to the Washington Post about the loopy craziness of another “blame it on Obama” diatribe was published. Joy. Thank you, Russ

Obama: Damned by taxpayers and HUD

From the Washington Post August 27, 2015 Public housing officials blast Obama administration’s move to ouster wealthier tenants from subsidized homesLisa Rein

With at least one family of public housing tenants reportedly bringing in $490,000 a year, there is some outrage. And it goes both ways for the Obama administration’s IG office which is working to enact evictions for egregious examples of exceeding stipulated income levels. The HUD on the either hand asserts well-off tenants in public, rent-controlled housing set a good example for less affluent tenants to strive after. Thinking HUD will take a few years and come down on these folks. We’ll see how this plays out – even after it leaves the headlines.

distant US Capitol dome

U.S. Capitol SOTU eve, 2011 – photo Russ Imrie

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Why rockstars need geopolitical risk consultants WOW from PS21

Who woulda guessed? Authoritarian regimes don’t want to get down and real.

From post at PS21 by @MilenaRodban

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