What? that floats?” (WTF?) Kevin Costner and the Plastic Fantastic Island (apoligie sto Jefferson Airplane)

An entrepreneur is proposing to build an island city in the Pacific from plastic waste eddying around NW of Hawaii. Article here.
In today’s dose of irony and oil (think I’ll start calling that oilrony :) ), Kevin Costner acted in “Waterworld“, a [bomb] sci-fi film version of a similar idea. Now Costner has developed an oil skimming machine that will be used in the Gulf. Go figure but best of luck to both!
On a more graphic note, go to this site link then click on “Gulf oil spill trajectory” button to see an updated map with nothing but spill area.

Russell Imrie is a  content producer, webmaster and American Indian blogger living in the Washington DC area.


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