Practicing the great “Questionable Practice”

Reading Rashid’s “Descent Into Chaos” – a metaphor for our times – except for social network technology – which is finding its fortunes by providing the granular fertile, deep “soil” chaos can thrive in. Today, on Facebook the extraordinarily diverse concerns – no, panics – of my friends grabbed me. How to respond? Far right to far left and to nowhere in between. Yes to tech and no to tech, the “shout” is now out, “viral” and “in the wild”. And, as usual, the waste disposal plans are shoddy and incomplete. A corollary to this debris-strewn field is the great effort to massage the pain and filth of the BO Oil Blowout – tech, or illusion of control, the flawed human bureaucrats, it’s all there. Porn chaos in Jakarta, giving the US Space Program to the Muslims , oil Blowout conspiracies at all levels – all these spoken in an outraged, exclamation point flavored, shouted-across-the-street urban hullabaloo conversation. Plan B, don’t question it, don’t think on it, don’t draw on a thin vein of wisdom, but just roll on your back and enjoy it.

Russell Imrie is a sometimes content producer, webmaster and American Indian self-styled social critic now living in the Washington DC area.

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