The Future Is Back – Brazil’s 10-Year-Old Oil Spill Today

Petrobras, a company in Brazil, spilled 1.3 million litres of oil in Guanabara Bay. Today 2,000 fisherman scrape by making a meagre living where 6,000 found abundant catches before the spill. Fish spawning has been devastated by ongoing oil seeps plus what is the worst consequence of the oil flood, utter habitat loss following the strangling of the Mangrove swamps by masses of oil.

These swamps are reduced to stumps on a gravel plain. The nursery for spawning fish and crab species is gone.
As we speak, the BP oil blowout flows are affecting the marshlands of our gulf coast. Crabs, fish, birds – all require that habitat to thrive. Is Guanabara Bay a “sneak preview” of the delta and gulf marshlands?

Russell Imrie is a sometimes content producer, webmaster and American Indian self-styled social critic now living in the Washington DC area.


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