A FB exchange on the Moscow Subway Art Issue

A burst of Facebook exchanging:

Forwarded from David to Me July 1 at 7:51pm

BookFox: Dostoevsky Murals in Moscow Subway
There’s a controversy over Dostoevsky murals in a Moscow subway, because some people think they are too depressing and could attract the suicidal. Unfortunately, I read about twenty articles and none of them actually provided the photos, which you would think would be a primary goal of journalism –…

Russ (I think about and what could I say but…) July 1 at 8:11pm

Monday morning, 5:45 a.m., week-long blizzard has socked in Moscow, over 1100 seniors have died or been hospitalized from hypothermia. Sporting a monster ersatz vodka hangover, Mikael took one look at the bleak artwork in the cavernous Smirnoff Prospekt Subway Station, held the massive antique revolver against his left temple and deliberately pulled the trigger on the rusty Makarov given to him by his father who had survived the siege of Stalingrad, eating his own toes and those of the frozen cadavers stacked like cordwood to survive a winter just like this one. The heavy Makarov clicked…and failed to fire. Mikael roared with laughter, swallowed half a flask of “WODKA!” and gleefully strode past the gaping art critics noting the depressing nature of the paintings inspired by Dostoevsky.

David replies? July 1 at 8:13pm
art art bo bart,,,

David is my illustrious, like, second cousin. Involved with music and helping in the building of the sloop California that cruises California/Canada coastal waters demonstrating sailing history. He sends me an odd thing or two. Russell Imrie is a content producer, webmaster and American Indian blogger living in the Washington DC area.


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