Desperately Seeking Salmon – by Russ Imrie

The mythology appetite of Euro-Americans is insatiable. It makes the destruction of many natural systems bearable. You can always pick up some salmon and get a little of that “Lewis and Clark.” Demand for affordable salmon flesh so far outstrips the catch available from the beatific scenario above that Aqua Bounty Technologies Inc. is heroically jumping into the gap to market an ersatz version of that dream. One cobbled together from a sort of petri-dish wiggle and a squirt of animated life manipulated by bio-engineering. It may walk like a salmon and it may bark like a salmon but it’s not my salmon.

Leaping Salmon

"We want the real fish" in Mohawk

Update February 17, 2011

Before: thanks to my mother for the right way to say “We Want The Real Fish” in Mohawk. Once again, I pestered her with an odd request one afternoon before joining Food and Water Watch at the White House for a protest and news conference against the FDA’s roll-over-and-play-dead plan for okaying Genetically Engineered (GE) salmon marketing. With no specific labeling requirement, the fish millions buy at markets, wholesale suppliers and restaurants will be not what they think it is. I needed to make a sign for the protest that showed we were there and that we cared. You can click the photo above or here and hear the phrase pronounced in a not-final edition of  YouTube audio. I once spoke fluent Mohawk but that’s another story.

Ant-GE Salmon sign at White House Protest

Food and Water Watch White House Rally Sept 16, 2010 - photo by Russ Imrie

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