Party, Pray, Vote – four days in autumn, 2010

small tree turning red autumn 2010, virginia

Early returns - photo Russ Imrie

Tomorrow, thousand of citizens will gather on the grassy National Mall. It’s unclear what will be accomplished other than a huge social mash-up. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert plan a rally bringing them together — it may be a case of preaching to the converted but it is gathering spiteful comments from the party of fear. Perhaps that’s the point. At any rate, with Halloween around the corner, Saturday will be a lively night in Washington.

Halloween witch, pumpkin, ghost, gourds

Vote For Me! They all scream.

Sunday? Well we’ll see. It’s Halloween. The bats are definitely out of the belfry and they’re hovering. This may be a key day in the elections. An idyllic autumn scene across the city, its golden foliage concealing the looming clouds for a few more hours.
Monday some real things happen. I will be volunteering in Falls Church to “get out the vote.”  Later we will be at George Washington University for a short seminar on polling with Politico and focusing on battleground precincts around the nation that evening.

At one level - photo Russ Imrie

Then one of the most important days in modern history. Many have voted early but as returns come in there will be tears, gasps, guffaws and surprises. But will there be change? The forces of conservatism and fear may well pull back the vision that surged two years ago. I look instead, for some conscious thought to make itself felt at the ballot box. Boo.

Russell Imrie is a sometimes content producer, webmaster and American Indian self-styled social critic now living in the Washington DC area.

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