RSA – it’s another word for global change

“Where we’re going you won’t need a password!” Not quite. RSA technology uses a freshly generated “token” or key to verify identities online. The company supplies passwords and more to 90% of the Fortune 500 Companies and government agencies.

RSA security breach compromised federal network ID tool – Nextgov.

Under the radar is this news and advice to RSA clients. Will it be adequate? Have back doors been installed in RSA’s security systems, used by government agencies, medical and corporate clients all over and abroad to get access to computer networks?

I mean, corporate clients Bankwest (Australia) are being soothed after raising a tizzy about the security breach. The soothing message would scare me, not sooth me. We have not heard the last of this. As the case of the Stuxnet computer virus attack hobbled Iran’s nuclear program, so a compromised commercial or governmental system is too a gift that keeps on giving.

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