FORWARD/TECH explain please?

FORWARD/TECH (Feb 19) what is this?

Of course. FORWARD/TECH is my writing on the fascinating world of Internet and technology. Collaborative is becoming the new model of governance, from non-profit, to enterprise, and now edging into government. The Internet, never actually built to be all-powerful and secure, is a work in progress and under enormous pressures. Dangers, concerns, breakages, gaping security holes, national rivalries, surreal strategic death matches, raves, leadership and not. Crazy and disturbing bits in Impure Wired Oddities, Open Source Nation–a trans-national tier of the connected, a glossary. And some of my work – I am always ready to assist, consult, plan and build to suit. Open, random, supportive–the ORS model that is superceding top-down management styles.

Here are the menu items in their hierarchy. Please note that it’s merely a map and you need to back up to the actual page header menu to navigate.

  • Tech and IT
    • Mobile &Phone
    • Privacy_Security _Concerns – scary to dangerous security issues
    • Open Source Nation – the emerging global crowd-sourced governance paradigm
    • [Im]pure Wired Politics – bumps, warts, odd stuff
    • HotBuzz_wordz – a glossary
  • Hire me
    • supTweet media and tube – CV, my media
    • Open_Random_Supportive – a philosophy

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