explain WORLD please?

WORLD (Feb 19) what is this?

Of course. WORLD is my writing on the fascinating real-world flexing of Internet muscle and historical meaning. Collaborative is becoming the new model of governance, from non-profit, to enterprise, and now edging into government.  Are we in fact on the cusp of an Open Source Nation–a mutation of the idea of the Nation-State? 

Here are the menu items in their hierarchy. Please note that it’s merely a map and you need to back up to the actual page header menu to navigate.

  • Breaking Forums, and Reports – I remotely send blog posts from my phone, these are basically drafts, right from events or remote situations
  • U.S. Economy – US and Western Hemisphere economic and political items having to do with the Internet
  • Petroleum Planet – Green no longer, oil, the great game, consumerism, globalism, energy, did I forget anything?
  • Mideast, S Asia and Arab Spring – From Gibraltar to Indonesia, democracy, despots, OUR son-of-a-bitch, social networks and revolution
  • Symptoms in the Americas – Blow-back, cross-pollination, the odd connection

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