Fresh Cookies in 7 minutes or less – the crumbly truth tracked down

Fresh Cookies in 7 minutes or less – the crumbly truth tracked down

Information screenshot showing 300+ cookies and caches on laptaop browser

Russ Imrie March 2, 2012

Cutting the cookies in your web diet

In your browser preferences you can dump all the information websites store to track your usage and what sites you visit. Every website also can push in cookies for their ‘partners” and these will go away too–see my article “Wickedleaks 2” on some eye-opening numbers and issues around this involving net regulation and privacy.

But today it’s about the nuts and bolts – how to minimize tracking that happens through ONE legal channel – the ubiquitous “cookie.” Cookies are a web technology that lets a web site store a tiny bit of information on your machine and that reports it up when you return or when you hit associated sites. So say eBay for instance, leaves several cookies that remember what kind of items you searched for. And that you went to Amazon after that. They will also help with authenticating who you are and make logging in go faster. They will also build a “shopping” behavior model of you. It’s one reason the web can be as convenient as it is. This is a bit creepy for me–I am assuming that in the near future it could be a problem–as in Google’s blindsiding millions and millions with recent policy changes. So, assuming you want to cut the cookies, read on.

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