Reference iCatalogue in the works for making an iMovie on iPhone

Brainstorming: what’s needed?
Tips, checklist, steps through small project, files, syncing, titles, trailers, FX…any more? Contribute and be credited.

Russ Imrie March 2012

Please, it’s all about truly iPhone only created films. Film, editing, outputing all on the smartphone. Honestly.

Several interested parties intrigued with what is, a [p]art form. The minimalist construction using a small toolbox that can produce immediate, beautiful, compelling art. As if a storied city had been built from a wagon-load of materials yet every house, every monument was different and reflected who lived, loved, worked, or died there.

Part film, part home movie, part a zen-like meditation on the subject.

A study in conscious self-limiting, an exercise, beauty in message AND the media and IN the discipline.

I will keep updates on planning then executing the guide coming. Thanks and enjoy our early DC spring.

iphone imovie desk where I film my mac screen to get an image into my smartphone

Filming an image from my desktop into iPhone camera roll for use in a video. - image Russ Imrie

Sent from my iPhone

(caps, ital, edited in later from desktop)

distant US Capitol dome

Russell Imrie is a  Web Content Specialist, webmaster and an American Indian blogger living in the Washington DC area.

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