China-more net users than population of US

China doesn’t really need to care what you think. At GWU and the Woodrow Wilson Institute seminars. 


Russ Imrie March 2012

China’s sheer number of Internet users renders concerns in the West about net governance moot. Almost. Stay tuned. China’s net-using population is about 450,000,000 (and that’s at about 35% saturation of potential) More than the entire population of the U.S. which is a basically saturated user base with little space for domestic expansion.

Concepts of fair play, even for the “Leave it to Beaver” days’ storied American good sportsmanship model don’t translate to this majority of netizens. While China (and India to some extent) will play along in their “booster stage” of development, I’m afraid governance and security hand-wringing in the West is a waste of time and assumes an innate superiority of Euro Amercan hegemony that is crumbling. Yes it did exist but it’s last year’s civil technology. Get over it. China “don’t need no steenking transparency.”

I listenedas GWU academics, students, and authorities

Cybersecurity Workforce Panel GWU - photo Russ Imrie

Cybersecurity Workforce Panel GWU - photo Russ Imrie

discussed the infirmities of cybersecurity as it now exists and how we might best prepare a coalition of willing and educated to protect us from the spies, the criminals, and most of all the critical and disrespectful. Is it even necessary except as a last gasp of Euro-American control of something that was invented in the West but is now SO viral? I think not.

I think cybersecuriy is more than “the secret formula for radar cloaking stealth paint” or your bank account getting phished. Rather it’s about control by the nation-states that have dominated through the industrial age. It’s about the “collegiality” of academia and preserving models that have evolved from renaissance times. But that’s SO naive. Today, it’s in the numbers of new Internet users who really don’t care about Ivy League bourgoise culture. Seriously, there’s a world out there, bushmeat eaters to Colombian Bankers, to Offshore Gaming meccas, and to an open-source notion of governance or none at all.

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