China Sea warming as China starts selling oil licenses to oil it does not own

Vietnam says China offshore oil auction ‘illegal’ « China Daily Mail.


F-16 – image from Acclaim Images

Taiwan pilots: start your engines. With new fighters authorized but not delivered yet by the US, want to bet this all breaks before powerful new air power is on hand for Taipei?

Russ Imrie June 28, 2012

The Philippines (weak navy), Viet Nam (small navy but feisty), the US (world’s largest powerful navy overstretched), and China (growing aggressive navy and local) are all wading into a conflict that is the future in the S China sea. This is about oil drilling geography and territorial claims in international waters.

But not to be forgotten is Taiwan and the US commitment to defend it from China. Will the US finally throw Taiwan under the bus? Will the Chinese deploy to create monster diversions by threatening the island nation? Will the giant Subic Bay US Naval base be revived? Somebody call Tom Cruise.

Stay tuned.

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