My 2 cents: Fareed Zakaria reported to be suspended from Time and CNN for plagarism

Politico is just out with an updated report that Fareed Zakaria has been suspended from both his columnist position with Time and from CNN where he hosted a program.

I personally am shocked at this news. No matter what you think on his reportage, Fareed is a fresh face in mainstream American media and in my opinion, will have problems restoring his credibility. CNN will be filling a hole in its programming at the same time huge issues (The Midwest draught, the presidential election, Syria, the debacle and shutdown in Afghanistan, and global terrorism) need credibility, analysis, diversity and discernment in our media.

A politician stretching the truth is ho-hum and can be taken in stride. A national journalist fail has a tragic multiplier effect that impacts the intellectual balance of every citizen who pays attention.

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