Luving new WordPress mobile app

The Latest WordPress app for iOS makes the mobile blogging experience stronger and easier.
Russ Imrie August 2012

The latest WordPress mobile 3.1 is a joy to use. It delivers big time and bypasses the necessity to use a browser and the awkward task of editing with the decidedly non-mobile conventional dashboard. With the master control button it’s now similar to the organization of FaceBook, giving you instant access to tools and selections of alternate blogs—heaven for blog junkies who meed to bounce from one blog to another.
Set up is simple—blog name and password. Still to come: Need to see how the image handling goes. Stand by…

So. I published this post then went back for a screen shot on phone, cropping with Photoshop express and some lighting adjustments and saved.
Back in edit I inserted the image from my camera roll and am winding up the post right now.


Tray Tools – iPhone screenshot Russ Imrie

Success! WordPress app is one of the most powerful tools out there now for social networkers and authors.


Enter new post pane – iPhone screenshot Russ Imrie

Confident my post will pop up on Twitter and FaceBook the instant I tap “Publish”, Publishing power house in my hand.



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