What’s Not Wrong With Drones? – By Rosa Brooks in Foreign Policy Justifying Drones an extensive essay


In a piece from Foreign Policy Journal, a lot to chaw on from Rosa Brooks.

Russ Imrie August 2012

In Brooks’ somewhat cold-blooded discussion of lethal drone strikes, I think overlooked is the undercurrent among Americans for exploring more cost-effective ways to exert influence and power.

With the thousands of killed, kidnapped, beheaded, wounded, and traumatized military, DOS, and NGO people and billions in spending in two wars and smaller conflicts baffling government and taxpayers, a technology that seemingly reduces these dire costs rouses an ambivalent moral and economic debate.

Exerting American military power is costly. Using it to enforce policy is a judgement call by American citizens and they need to feel confident accountability can be wielded so they can make decisions to support or not to support the developing drone “arm of the government” as it evolves. Economics is a huge subliminal issue in that democratic process.

Brooks wends her way around that.

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