Apple iOS 6 Maps solution – Google Maps generates mobile screen button *like*

iScreen_Maps iPhone map solution - img Russ Imrie

Google Search app – iPhone map solution – img Russ Imrie

Indicated by the red arrow, a Google Search app-generated button for “District Taco“, (a local eatery with wifi pw guacamole and used as an innocent search target :) using the Google Search app (Android, iOS) will save a mini-map button to your home screen… iPhone 4 shown.

Search first time for whatever you want, object is to generate that button, which will take you to that good ‘ol Google Maps mobile friendly place—with car, transit, walk, pics, the whole works.

Until Apple finishes the spinning and triage for their new map system, this will do fine.

No Tacos were injured in the production of this blog post

distant US Capitol dome

U.S. Capitol SOTU eve, 2011 – photo Russ Imrie

Russell Imrie is a  Networking and Content Specialist, webmaster and an American Indian blogger living in the Washington DC area.

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