Instagram will monetize your photos forever unless you opt-out by Jan 16

Bye-bye Instagram

Update Wednesday December 19 from Montreal: Friend Mario at GIZMODO shares some news on Instagram’s retort to  user outrage at user agreement.

by Russ Imrie, Dec 18 2012

The end is near for my Instagram app and photos. I am opting out today. After Jan 16, the Facebook-flogged photo sharing tool will reserve the right to use your photos wherever they please in ads. That is unless you opt-out by January 16, 2013, reports say. BBC News – Instagram seeks right to sell access to photos to advertisers.

As they say on their home page,

It’s photo sharing, reinvented.

Well how about “invasion of privacy – retwisted?”

Dropping the app now. Splat.

Screen shot Instagram's big grab (terms of use on iPhone)

Screen shot Instagram’s big grab (terms of use on my iPhone) – Russ Imrie

Cheers, Russ

Update: from the San Francisco Chronicle site … 

Slate dubbed Richard Koci Hernandez an “Instagram Superstar.” The New York Times called him a “distinctive voice” on the popular photo sharing service.

But following the announced changes to the app’s terms of services on Monday, he soon may not be on Instagram at all he’s  ready to give up his 163,000 followers.

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