Global Internet Stats here 2005-2013 at Suptweet

Table and links reveal global internet statistics

Russ Imrie May 2013

from Internet World Stats

In the brief period from 2005 to now, 2013, internet user numbers have mushroomed from about 16 million to almost 3 billion.

Of course, with unleashed experimentation and many more sophisticated users, I can assume a not insignificant number of these users are inanimate entities created by human users for publicity, humour, business, and political anonymity.

Since I first began regular use of email and a crude beginning as a web author in 1995 the numbers show an increase of over 200x (2000 %) in 18 years. Only major derivatives traders and drug kingpins see these kinds of numbers, usually.

As China, with user penetration levels at about 39-40% now, and Africa, further develop their user base, we’ll see more (is more better?)  monster growth rates.

After all, connectivity is an essential in today’s society.

Russ is a Native American blogger and web freelancer in the Washington DC area.


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