#FTdrones conf @FutureTensNow opens

As “The Drone Next Door” touches off at the New American Foundation, looking forward to catching up with this ubiquitous technology, used increasingly by civilians as well as the other.

Russ Imrie May 2013 Washington DC

I’ll update this later in the day

Will Salaten (Slate)

l. Representative Paul Gosar (R-Ariz) r. Rosa Brooks (Prig GU Law)




l. Michael Toscano (Assoc. for Unmanned Vehicle International), Missy Cummings (MIT), r. Shane Harris (Washingtonian)


Bringing the War Home
Konstantin Kakaes ( NAF)


A Drone o f Your Own
l. Don Roby (Baltimore PD), Matthew Waite (U if Nebraska Drone Journalism Lab), Joseph Hall (Center for Democracy & Technology), r. Shane Harris (Washingtonian)


Nature’s New Watchdogs
Robbie Hood (NOAA), Carter Roberts (CEO WWF), Suzanne Goldenberg (The Guardian)


Mission Creep
Rosa Brooks (NAF)
Now in Somalia, N Africa

Look Up and Smile for Big Brother
Catherine Crump (ACLU), Daniel Rothenberg (Arizona State U Human Rights Law), Matt Wald (NYT)


Russ Imrie is a Native American blogger in Washington DC and a contributor to China Daily Mail as well.


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