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NASA under Obama admin pushing out gov tech code – WIRED

About 1000 software code projects produced by the US Government/NASA are to catalogued and listed under open gov initiatives. Some are available with restrictions but many have potential real-world applications for researchers and entrepreneurs.

“All of the software that NASA writes is copyright free, and although the aforementioned rocket guidance system code and other software may be too sensitive to share, many other projects can be shared with anyone — in theory, at least. If the NASA software isn’t open-source, you need to get cleared by the space agency for a release. Sometimes, this is as simple as proving that you’re a U.S. citizen and signing a usage agreement. The problem is that with more than a thousand projects — coded by software developers at 10 different field centers — it has been tricky for outsiders to get an idea of what NASA has. That’s why Lockney and his staff built this master catalog.”

CMS To Publicly Release Medicare Physician Payment Data – iHealthBeat

Open Data progressing with April 9 release of Medicare payments database release. This will open up public/crowd scrutiny of charges and may save public funds siphoned off to ballooned charges. Or not.