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Proprietary Denial Technology Blocks Nasty “Earth Hour” Attack on US Security

Open source is a powerful development tool. It is a concept, as well.
Proprietary systems, like software, need a captive user base. Anything that breeches that wall is a “bad” and is repelled tooth and nail. Open-source software has fostered Apache, Joomla, Dupral, Open Office, Ubantu, Linux and much more.  As a philosophy it is a growing model of social and organizational governance.
In the U.S., with highest per-capita usage of energy, the “open-sourceEarth Hour project tonight is ignored. After all, empowering American consumers by encouraging grassroots sustainability actions could lead to…reduced CO2 emissions, maybe less slavish dependency on dirty coal and oil, and reduced influence of major industrial lobbies. And most dire threat of all, energizing an apathetic populace on issues of equality, transparency and global issues.


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