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Heading to the West Coast for a few days

I’ll be iPhone-only for a week and blogging from that mobile platform. My son Charles is coming back with me to vote for the first time (absentee California!) and get a ring-side seat for the election experience, meet some people, and “smell the glove.”

The standard California state route marker con...

The standard California state route marker consists of a white numeral on a green shield (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He’ll be blogging about that – should be fun and fascinating supporting him in that and the murky world of SEO, multi-social streaming, and building a brand. The DC area has a lot to offer as he weighs school and work options and his horizons will broaden.

Drone Wave I and have your say our poll

FAA facing huge technical challenge administering domestic drones.

A crazy guy weaved in and out of traffic on Wisconsin Avenue in Washington DC, flipping off drivers, never using signals on his 4WD SUV.  Among the aerospace stickers on the back bumper was one that said “my other vehicle is unmanned”.  Are we facing skies in the joystick-flogging hands of out-of-control whack-o domestic drone operators?

Drone Ops to soon invade your airspace and change the meaning of privacy in America: UAVs, the FAA and you

Please take part our poll


distant US Capitol dome

U.S. Capitol SOTU eve, 2011 – photo Russ Imrie

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