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FAA facing huge technical challenge administering domestic drones.

A crazy guy weaved in and out of traffic on Wisconsin Avenue in Washington DC, flipping off drivers, never using signals on his 4WD SUV.  Among the aerospace stickers on the back bumper was one that said “my other vehicle is unmanned”.  Are we facing skies in the joystick-flogging hands of out-of-control whack-o domestic drone operators?

Drone Ops to soon invade your airspace and change the meaning of privacy in America: UAVs, the FAA and you

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distant US Capitol dome

U.S. Capitol SOTU eve, 2011 – photo Russ Imrie

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The SANS Institute: the 20 Critical Security Controls for building secure computing

SANS: 20 Critical Security Controls.

The SANS security controls are a consensus-arrived-at handbook that will guide public computer systems (and concerned private users) in protecting them from hijacking, malware and information theft.

Even for a family’s home wifi network with a few smart phones, a laptop, a backup hard drive and a desktop in Mom’s home office, these steps are adoptable and work.