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An Unlike.ly Tale – bit.ly runs out of Libya! (WSJ)

Well, guess what? the “.ly” in bit,ly stands for Libya, owner of that top-level domain. Yes, protesters sending news on a killing in Tripoli or a tactical message about a government tank column were sending messages through their [Libya’s] servers.

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YouTube – “SOON قريبا” fresh video of Bahrain/Libya/Yemen et al rally at White House February 26

All too soon – Update April 7…

Camp Ashraf in Iraq, where Iranian dissidents have been held for 25 years sees Iraqi armed forces kill 25 and injure hundreds in a brutal attack on the ramshackle refuge. I filmed their protests at the White House and that’s in the video below.


Supporters and ex-pats in a rally of solidarity with friends and family struggling against tyrant sin North Africa and the Middle East. The struggle against power and wealth goes on everywhere and the torch is alive and well here.