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Beckstone picks nose, bashes Obamatuk thumb love, sort of live @ ROX network

Off with those outrageous digits!” hollered Orelly. “If we don’t stop this now, values like picking my nose with my little toe will be lost forever and we will see ‘lovers’ holding opposing-thumbed hands in public!” he thundered to cheers and grunts from the crowd, a few of whom actually “stood” up on two legs then sheepishly re-assumed the position, knuckles solidly planted on terra-firma.

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The King’s Tweets – the weRvolt 1.0 rollout

But as the unveiling showed, Egypt had been working stealthily on a new technology—REALpeacefulREVolution 1.o—or weRvolt build 1.0 (as marketing has it.) A colossal open-sourced technology piggybacked on wired social networking platforms Google/YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

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