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explain WORLD please?

WORLD (Feb 19) what is this?

Of course. WORLD is my writing on the fascinating real-world flexing of Internet muscle and historical meaning. Collaborative is becoming the new model of governance, from non-profit, to enterprise, and now edging into government.  Are we in fact on the cusp of an Open Source Nation–a mutation of the idea of the Nation-State? 

Here are the menu items in their hierarchy. Please note that it’s merely a map and you need to back up to the actual page header menu to navigate.

  • Breaking Forums, and Reports – I remotely send blog posts from my phone, these are basically drafts, right from events or remote situations
  • U.S. Economy – US and Western Hemisphere economic and political items having to do with the Internet
  • Petroleum Planet – Green no longer, oil, the great game, consumerism, globalism, energy, did I forget anything?
  • Mideast, S Asia and Arab Spring – From Gibraltar to Indonesia, democracy, despots, OUR son-of-a-bitch, social networks and revolution
  • Symptoms in the Americas – Blow-back, cross-pollination, the odd connection

Hot Buzz wordz

Hot Buzz_wordz

  1. Cloud – a conceptual organization of storage that delegates actual data distribution among managed devices  at diverse physical/virtual locations
  2. Crowd Source – issuing an open call for information. ideas, funding, expertise for a project
  3. Over-index – in marketing behavior – extraordinarily high/above average consumption habits in a media channel as in TV, Internet: marketing, cited in Wickedleaks part 1
  4. Phishing – using a lure or a false identity to approach/contact a user and manipulate her/him to divulge some critical information such as a credit card account number or a password to a business network
  5. Scareware – a phony “alert” pop-up or message stridently warning you of an alleged virus and usually urging you to purchase/install “security” software that is likely of dubious value
  6. Swipe – using  finger(s) slid across a touch-screen (iPad and iPhone examples) to maneuver and select instead of more traditional keyboard, mouse or trackpad input
  7. CMS – content mangement system i.e. Joomla, DAY CQ5, and Dupral. Websites are so complex that management systems have been developed to handle the workload. Some are installed at the server and handle consistency in look and feel, file organizing updating, menus, images and video, and multiple users with different levels of authority. The Administrator is all powerful and an author might only have permissions to create and store a text file (article) which is formatted by a template and included in a web page. It sound s complicated but lets large organizations with hundreds of content creators contribute to a common publication with a consistent look and functionality.
  8. Big Data –  the word refers to huge datasets that can overwhelm an organization’s software capabilities. For example, climate data from the exploding number of sensors requires larger, faster computer and storage power.