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Agony and Ecsta…well OK: iOS7 and Snow Leopard

I updated my iPhone4 to the new Apple smartphone system — iOS7—yesterday. I started at 1 p.m.sharp when the update came online and was at it until about 11:30 last night. It wasn’t pretty.

Russ Imrie September 19, 2013

Let’s get a few things clear here. I use an early MacBook and stick to OS 10.6.8 . Mainstream Mac products are just about on 10.9 (AKA Mavericks.) I have my reasons for running an older system. In view of that, this review may not be relevant to your setup. My phone is a 16GB iPhone4 that will likely be upgraded to a 5S by Christmas. I synch with a USB cable and wifi to the laptop. I use Apple’s iCloud minimally as Snow Leopard (10.6.8) does not fully support it. To synch contacts I use Google and Exchange. But I am not a new-system curmudgeon. I code mySQL, use Dropbox, BOX, Evernote, a password app, and so forth.

The epic frenzy to download the latest iPhone system kicked off globally at 1 p.m. September 19 sharp on the East coast of the U.S. And I mean sharp. I was following traffic on Twitter (@tweedyBard #iOS7) as it all went down. Apple’s servers were instantly overwhelmed. Personally I had at least 9 failed attempts at this first step over two and three-quarter hours before a successful download happened uninterrupted. Me and millions of others were transformed into total global brothers and sisters in pain. Seriously.

וואָס די באַרען? we're all global equals today - screen shot Russ Imrie

וואָס די באַרען? we’re all global equals today – screen shot Russ Imrie

So. After about three hours the last download (687mb I think?) attempt finished and began to unpack—slowly. Then the fun began. The phone rebooted and a whole new Apple icon appeared, flat as I expected without the sweeping little crease I had seen up to yesterday. Historic. Or maybe not. And a slim progress bar opened below the logo indicating the creeping progress of the installation scripts.

The installation finished, the phone rebooted and a plain gray splash screen invited me to swipe it to the right. A login screen invited me to enter my pass code and unlock my phone. This was no problem–I had always used a 4-character pass code but it did not unlock the phone then. I tried my apple store password. Again a fail. Typo? Try and try again until I was locked out of the phone! I tried powering down to reset but it seemed to be stuck in a permanent state of

“the phone has just been powered up, please enter your pass code”

After repeated failures at this, I got online and set up an Apple Genius Bar appointment for 9 am.m. the next morning. I absolutely needed that device running! It became apparent that I would need to leave the phone charging all night—couldn’t shut it off and needed it charged for the Apple Store appointment.

I then had what I thought what was a “light-bulb” idea and tried entering my ancient MobileMe password. MobileMe preceded iCloud and was actually used to set up my limited free iCloud account when I set up my phone. This was necessary to activate Find My Phone and some limited photo album and email synching. But I have never even come close to using the free 5GB of iCloud space. I was in that space where TWO passwords accessed my Apple resources.

Initial setup then started to happen, configuring my wifi network and so on. But still the phone was not on the cellular phone network (Verizon) or my home wifi.

At this point I could not get online with the phone (tele or wifi) in response to alerts I had to do so. There WAS an option to use iTunes to go ahead and I selected that, sensing a way forward. I swapped my usb cable from my power brick to the MacBook. I had been at this now for 9 hours.

I needed to update iTunes, like now. (to 11.1 (126).) That download was very slow. Maybe thousands were in the midst of doing the same thing? You think? Immediately iTunes relaunched and updating of the phone proceeded with a single option. “Restore your iPhone?”

My phone was restored, but this took a while. Then every app was copied BACK to iTunes, as well as “diagnostic information”.

Finally, about 10 p.m. I rebooted the phone and my 4-character passbook code worked, the great dwarf’s cave door creaked open, and I stepped into the ice palace of iOS7.

I didn’t count but a whole bunch of apps updated immediately. I logged back on the Apple Store and cancelled my appointment. My wife walked over for a look and pronounced “I don’t like it”. I laughed and told her she had better get used to it.

Immediately I went to settings (a weird new icon among a constellation of them) to set the “Background App Refresh” control to “off”. I was alerted to this before and its potential to drain batteries and burn up limited cellular phone plans.

Oddly enough my transit bus app iCOMMUTE DC (paid version) lost my saved “favorite” routes. No biggie. So far everything else seems to be working fine. I will follow up on my experience with iOS7 in two weeks. One thing I have noticed (this may have more to do with running on iPhone 4) is under the new iOS my battery seems to last longer–I was on an outing today, errands, and my phone would normally be down to 20% charge by the time I returned but today I read 50%. Also, the system seems to be a little sluggish. Let’s stay hopeful!

distant US Capitol dome

U.S. Capitol SOTU eve, 2011 – photo Russ Imrie

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Russ Imrie March 15, 2012
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distant US Capitol dome kahnawake suptweet

U.S. Capitol SOTU eve, 2011 - photo Russ Imrie

Russell Imrie is a content producer, webmaster and an American Indian blogger living in the Washington DC area.

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