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Careful with that Thumb Drive, Eugene!

From report at UK Register

Chemical giant foils infected USB stick espionage bid • The Register.

Attacks on technology enterprise roll on and on. Like the Niagara Framework vulnerability just in the news, education on the latest (or old and trusty) ways to infect systems is spotty and mileage may vary. Alert employees are a great defense, as at DSM. Following training a USB device found in the parking lot at the company located in Harleen, the Netherlands, an employee turned it over to the IT department. According to the Register’s report, it was analyzed and the malware decoded and protection put in place on the company’s systems.

About 5 years ago, an acquaintance serving in Afghanistan had her laptop trashed when a virus suspected to have been injected from a thumb drive swept armed forces networks there. Cost, one Compaq and months of headaches for our Skyping. Small fry. But the larger network was heavily impacted.

Distributing infected thumb drives (using  flash memory) is inexpensive and almost impossible to stop completely. The 2009-2010 wave of digital picture frame infections (among other devices) comes to mind.

Proprietary Denial Technology Blocks Nasty “Earth Hour” Attack on US Security

Open source is a powerful development tool. It is a concept, as well.
Proprietary systems, like software, need a captive user base. Anything that breeches that wall is a “bad” and is repelled tooth and nail. Open-source software has fostered Apache, Joomla, Dupral, Open Office, Ubantu, Linux and much more.  As a philosophy it is a growing model of social and organizational governance.
In the U.S., with highest per-capita usage of energy, the “open-sourceEarth Hour project tonight is ignored. After all, empowering American consumers by encouraging grassroots sustainability actions could lead to…reduced CO2 emissions, maybe less slavish dependency on dirty coal and oil, and reduced influence of major industrial lobbies. And most dire threat of all, energizing an apathetic populace on issues of equality, transparency and global issues.


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