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Internet Explorer strikes again–nuke worker site toxic exposure reported

From Nextgov:
by Russ Imrie May 3, 2013

It seems nuclear industry workers who visited an official site to research info on radiation exposure got a dose of something they weren’t looking for.

Malware exploiting flaws in Microsoft Internet Explorer embedded itself in their computers, in search of information stored therein.

Security leadership in the US is facing an incredible quantity of vulnerable sites and machines that can give access to critical information. And more pop up every day.

There are alternate browsers available that can reduce these vulnerabilities; such as Mozilla’s Firefox and Apple’s Safari.

These are temporary solutions but do not deal with fundamental web design issues and vigilance.

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Careful with that Thumb Drive, Eugene!

From report at UK Register

Chemical giant foils infected USB stick espionage bid • The Register.

Attacks on technology enterprise roll on and on. Like the Niagara Framework vulnerability just in the news, education on the latest (or old and trusty) ways to infect systems is spotty and mileage may vary. Alert employees are a great defense, as at DSM. Following training a USB device found in the parking lot at the company located in Harleen, the Netherlands, an employee turned it over to the IT department. According to the Register’s report, it was analyzed and the malware decoded and protection put in place on the company’s systems.

About 5 years ago, an acquaintance serving in Afghanistan had her laptop trashed when a virus suspected to have been injected from a thumb drive swept armed forces networks there. Cost, one Compaq and months of headaches for our Skyping. Small fry. But the larger network was heavily impacted.

Distributing infected thumb drives (using  flash memory) is inexpensive and almost impossible to stop completely. The 2009-2010 wave of digital picture frame infections (among other devices) comes to mind.