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China’s Food “Bubble” Analysis from Eurasia Review

Is a booming Chinese economy smoke and mirrors? It’s even quoted by conservatives in the U.S. in pummeling Obama and Democrats, but is it real?

Real estate bubbling froth is fueling China’s economy,  but that takes covering rich farmland with pavement and factories to occupy urban populations. To say nothing of thousands of acres lost to pollution and rendered unproductive.  China’s Food Security: Questioning The Numbers – Analysis analyzes a hidden threat to world stability in the realities of China’s loss of food security, increasing food imports, and emerging cases of false statistics.

distant US Capitol dome

U.S. Capitol SOTU eve, 2011 - photo Russ Imrie

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It’s a Bug, it’s a Worm, no it’s a 900 pound gorilla

The Stuxnet malware is a game changer for critical information infrastructure protection, an EU security agency has warned. (Dec 27, 2010) as Stuxnet rages across Iran’s infrastructure.