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Scanner Pro (iPhone/iPad) free for limited time

This great app is free  “app of the week” from the Apple app store but you have to move soon.

Using your iPhone or iPad camera,the app corrects high quality photos for parallax and sharpens text/images of documents (even, as below, my Mac’s screen) and saves as .pdf then seamlessly gives upload options to Dropbox and Evernote, among others. Need to save a transit schedule? A Map? A certificate? A design? A ceramic tile? A texture?

Scanner Pro app of the week at work - iPhone screenshot by Russ Imrie

Scanner Pro app of the week at work – iPhone screenshot by Russ Imrie

distant US Capitol dome

U.S. Capitol SOTU eve, 2011 – photo Russ Imrie

Russell Imrie is a  Networking and Content Specialist, webmaster and an American Indian blogger living in the Washington DC area. More opinion pieces are at China Daily Mail (under nom de blog supTweet)


explain WORLD please?

WORLD (Feb 19) what is this?

Of course. WORLD is my writing on the fascinating real-world flexing of Internet muscle and historical meaning. Collaborative is becoming the new model of governance, from non-profit, to enterprise, and now edging into government.  Are we in fact on the cusp of an Open Source Nation–a mutation of the idea of the Nation-State? 

Here are the menu items in their hierarchy. Please note that it’s merely a map and you need to back up to the actual page header menu to navigate.

  • Breaking Forums, and Reports – I remotely send blog posts from my phone, these are basically drafts, right from events or remote situations
  • U.S. Economy – US and Western Hemisphere economic and political items having to do with the Internet
  • Petroleum Planet – Green no longer, oil, the great game, consumerism, globalism, energy, did I forget anything?
  • Mideast, S Asia and Arab Spring – From Gibraltar to Indonesia, democracy, despots, OUR son-of-a-bitch, social networks and revolution
  • Symptoms in the Americas – Blow-back, cross-pollination, the odd connection