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The Wrong Enemy – Carlotta Gaul on the wiles of Pakistan


English: Osama bin Laden Compound

English: Osama bin Laden Compound (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Review of Carlotta Gaul’s “The Wrong Enemy” Russell Imrie May 2014, Arlington, Virginia How did Osama bin Laden live safely for years within walking distance of Pakistan’s military academy in Abbottabad? That, and other questions, are what Gaul writes about drawing upon over 10 years in Afghanistan and Pakistan reporting for the New York Times. She spoke recently on her experience in South Asia and her new book, a must-read for anyone interested in Afghanistan, Pakistan, jihadists, and al Qaeda.


l. to r. Husain Haqqani (Hudson Institute), Carlotta Gaul (New Yotk Times), Mohammad Taqi (author and analyst) - photo Russ Imrie

l. to r. Husain Haqqani (Hudson Institute), Carlotta Gaul (New York Times), Mohammad Taqi (author and analyst) – photo Russ Imrie


Afghanistan has been the battleground for empires dating back to past Alexander the Great, then Britain, the USSR, battling warlords including one-time western ally Gen. Abdurrashid Dostum (who, in the fraught national scene now may be back in play as a vice-presidential candidate!), the Western Powers/NATO, the Taliban, al Qaeda and revealed so well in this volume, Pakistan and it’s labyrinth-like Inter-Sevices Intelligence arm have made Afghanistan the prey of agendas on top of agendas. Venturing into this nation is risking to be burned by the enemy and often, by  those believed to be your friend. (continue to read more of this article select page 2 below)


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As “The Drone Next Door” touches off at the New American Foundation, looking forward to catching up with this ubiquitous technology, used increasingly by civilians as well as the other.

Russ Imrie May 2013 Washington DC

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Russ Imrie is a Native American blogger in Washington DC and a contributor to China Daily Mail as well.