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Common ground at last in the Middle East: my #enemy’s enemy is errr…really #scary!

What do the Communist Party of China (CPC), the Koch brothers (and their puppet Governor Walker of Wisconsin), Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu and Muammar Gadaffi have in common? They’re all scared spitless at the exploding [secular or fundamentalist] expression of bottom-up democracy evident in the Middle East and in the Wisconsin Capital. Mileage may vary but it’s all about the question of control by traditional power centers and the base assumptions they operate from. In Israel, it is reluctantly acknowledged that dealing with the PA is better than fundamentalists.

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…what you asked for? ماذا تسأل عنه؟

My planned calm sharing of a January 25 Palestine Center talk by Author/Editor Adel Iskandar on Palestinian scholar Edward Said is morphing—disrupted too as we “speak”, into a case in point. Egypt is on fire and what many in the West have aske for is threatening some of the very [western] assumptions Edward Said addressed in his writings, especially Orientalism. Continue reading