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Debate is on Apple’s iPhone 5 security

Debate is on Apple’s iPhone 5 security (nextgov.com)

Phone technology and cyber security professionals are seeing risks in reliance on the new iPhone 5 fingerprint scanner. Is it more of a gimmick than something that will work at the highest levels of security? Will it meet the requirements of federal agencies? Another obvious question as the devices are deployed in the armed forces is how will they perform in wet, dirty, or other tough environments?

(update 9/17) Oh, and speaking of tough environments, your concerns with crooks severing your finger to unlock your phone might be eased—a little—by Mashable’s discussion of it.

Important to the average user is the risk of the system being hacked (by any means) and financial resources like credit accounts or the Apple store compromised. Fingerprint data, if  archived in the cloud, will become an irresistible target for hackers.

The challenge for Apple will be to satisfy both customers who are fans of Apple’s ease-of-use and those who depend upon the devices for business and work.

Russ Imrie, Sept 16, 2013

Heading to the West Coast for a few days

I’ll be iPhone-only for a week and blogging from that mobile platform. My son Charles is coming back with me to vote for the first time (absentee California!) and get a ring-side seat for the election experience, meet some people, and “smell the glove.”

The standard California state route marker con...

The standard California state route marker consists of a white numeral on a green shield (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He’ll be blogging about that – should be fun and fascinating supporting him in that and the murky world of SEO, multi-social streaming, and building a brand. The DC area has a lot to offer as he weighs school and work options and his horizons will broaden.