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Moderating # Twitter Feeds – tweaking the free Twitter feed widget scripts for fun and sanity

 It’s easy to set up a Twitter Feed in a webpage to scroll your Tweets or the hashmarked Twitter feed from out in the world, using the free search widget. But what about when a # (hashmark) could unleash a cataract of unneeded or inappropriate content across your site?

To get a feed you just  go to Twitter.com and set a search widget up. The code can then be copied and pasted in to a regular html web page. But what if you need to moderate it for an event or mass Tweets–that can get out of hand? So if you like to hack a bit, this is fun.

I tweaked two feeds for a site so that the webmaster’s tweets would scroll by, and a selected contributor or two, or three, could stream in, too, depending. And they can moderate the entire hashmark feed out there in the Twitterverse that are not included in the tweaked search criteria and “retweet with comment” those they think are appropriate and that should should appear in the feed too–and they will, since their Twitter username is in the [modified] search criteria. The scrolling action is great and they can keep the feed under control.

You’ll need an html editor or text editor to proceed. The code below is  a screen shot image of a modified widget so you can’t copy/paste it. Enter it yourself and save or ask me here at supTweet (comments below, include email address) to send a copy of the text file (plain text.) It’s simple and works well and I suggest you use this code instead of the existing Twitter.com  service available now. (this code is two years old now in January 2013) So check out the image and move on down for your breakdown on how to get this done and running on your site and a link to a live example. Note: the widget script is contained in a table cell as seen here.

fig1_twitter_feed_widget.gif - Russ Imrie

fig1_twitter_feed_widget.gif – Russ Imrie

First: the account names – I am using fictitious account names, of course. You use yours.

  1. TwitterAcct1 (owner)
  2. TwitterAcct2 (trusted associate)
  3. remoteTweet (compound, a custom contributor – can be modified as times and events might change)
  4. #myhashmark this is up to you – REMEMBER your contributor(s) will need to include the # for the widget to pick it up – any Tweet without it will just fly on by. Neat eh?

Then the search Criteria: see “search” at line #6 in the image above

search: ‘TweetAcct1 OR TweetAcct2 OR (#myhashmark remoteTweet)’,

  1. All search criteria MUST be enclosed within single quote marks as a group
  2. multiple criteria must be separated by an UPPER CASE OR (remember nand/nor)? I am not totally sure on this but it works so…
  3. Each critical COMPOUND criteria must be enclosed in parentheses of its own
  4. WITHIN the parentheses, you need the appropriate hashmark AND the Twitter username that will be your contributor this time–note space and no other punctuation within parentheses
  5. The client has successfully used up to 4 of these temp contributors for an event

One tip – the “interval” control can be useful to add interest to a page with more than one of these feeds – varied a bit, the feeds will scroll by at different rates, cool. The colors, title, subject are all up to you. This feed runs on a page with a black background and looks awesome. It’s at http://www.indiancanyon.org and makes freshening the page a breeze.

distant US Capitol dome

U.S. Capitol SOTU eve, 2011 – photo Russ Imrie

Russell Imrie is a  Networking and Content Specialist, webmaster and an American Indian blogger living in the Washington DC area. More opinion pieces are at China Daily Mail and MediaSeenToo

Copyright © forever and 2012, 2013 by Russell Imrie

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Moore, not less in the future as tech rends old fiefs (like My Nation-state) moot


Ben Hammersley speaking at Brookings - photo Russ Imrie

Ben Hammersleyspeaking at Brookings – photo Russ Imrie

I attended a Brookings Institution event recently featuring the renowned Ben Hammersley (Wired Magazine Editor-at-Large) to see what the future has in store.

“Adding Fuel to the Wi-Fire: What is the Nexus between Social Media, Emerging Technogies, and Digital Radicalization?”

Moore’s law is making things more difficult to control, at least for the status quoifate of assumptions.
Barclay’s Bank fiasco could not have been done by Iran—l ocal muck-up—but if so, it would have been war
Nation-state is changing, local government, activities empowered overt national parliament
“why aren’t we sending ambassadors to Walmart, Facebook?” – they have the ppl, the money, a “national”—no international identity
viruses and malware must be treated as great public health issues as smallpox and malaria
important group forming now empowered around myriad social issues state once addressed satisfactorily by the immutable social ecosystem of government, nation-states, religion, and philosophy, but in a quantum shift the “satisfactory” itself has mutated (and is now infinitely mutable) under the gamma radiation of natural-language trend searches, the Phased Twitter Ray and equatorial Ushahidi storms. New systems of cooperation, curation, and critique are being birthed that carry the DNA of global consciousness in anyone with an Internet connection, computer, or smartphone.
Why is this upsetting, or unacceptable, to millions? And now to that crux: the agnosticism toward the older social systems that connectivity and technology is activating. For it must be something inherent in humans and activated by, not created by, technology. So de facto is the global world.

distant US Capitol dome

U.S. Capitol SOTU eve, 2011 – photo Russ Imrie

Russell Imrie is a content producer, webmaster and an American Indian blogger living in the Washington DC area.
Copyright © forever and 2012 by Russell Imrie