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PPI, the new hi-res thinking on micro-partisan political environments

Politicians, lobbyists, activist, idealogues, and information technologists are scratching their heads around the Capitol.
How to handle the tectonic collision. between avalanches of crowd-sourced/flash mob and instantaneously responsive constituencies and our framework of law, migrating from a material platform to a cyber environment?

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Berlin wall worked? Repub Candidate (Alaska) Miller says it’s so

What will Alaska come up with next? New physics let the former Alaskan governess see Russia over the horizon from a thousand miles away. Amazing.

Eight pieces of the Berlin Wall - battered, painted, in a museum - photo Russ Imrie

Now Joe Miller says we should use the Berlin Wall as a model to cut of Mexican illegal immigrants. Who’s gonna do that grunt work in the desert sun building it?

Anyway, this is a quick shot and here are some photos from the Newseum in Washington DC. 8 sections of the wall and a whole guard tower are there. The Newseum is dedicated to idealistic and pragmatic journalism, not necessarily a contradiction. We all know the media is in a vast conspiracy to smear the right. Well the press can relax, the repub circular firing squad is at its best when people like Miller emerge from their dens.

Berlin Wall Guard Tower - photo Russ Imrie

Russell Imrie is a sometimes content producer, webmaster and American Indian self-styled social critic living in the Washington DC area.