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WALLIT virtual walls not a barrier 4 app-happy Walliters posting around the planet

Wallit, a geo-enable smartphone app is spreading around the planet. Write stuff for other Wallit peeps to see anywhere with its “create your own wall” power. Your doghouse, a street, the retro alley where you guys play lunch gonzo soccer or the “Shimmering Wall of Rosslyn” in my neighborhood, all can site a virtual wall passers-by can hang a note, a photo, a video on.

There is one, for sure, located on a crib! The old neighborhood or dorm bulletin board on steroids. Wallit has straightened out some kinks and a look at the website shows walls popping up and going off as users connect in Tibet, Nigeria, New York, San Francisco, and Bahrain.

Wallit works on Twitter with the same message guidelines and photo and video capabilities. Launch in your mobile device and see what nearby walls are there, who’s posting, and post your own stuff.