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Yuuge Oroville Dam’s Shredding Concrete: Trump’s Gang is Cracking

Yuuge Oroville Dam’s Shredding Concrete: Trump’s Gang is Cracking

By Russell Imrie, Washington DC, February 12, 2017

The Crumbling Face of Trump’s out-of-control three-week old administration is exposing huge cracks in the struggling White House. Danger for the nation.

Mud, trees, rocks and debris pushed by overflowing river flows have destroyed the concrete spillway at giant Oroville Dam in California’s Sierra foothills.

overflow destroys massive Oroville Dam's spillway

photo from buellistic Sunday Feb 12 at 7:55-pm

A huge chasm has opened up across the spillway and State officials and workers are scrambling to mitigate an unexpected catastrophe. Damage to the dam is expected to cost up to $200 million in repairs, when and if, the water stops coming–maybe this summer. From barely containing any water at the peak of the latest draught to massive overflows, the situation is similar to the crumbling of Donald Trump’s presidency today. Unexpected flows of “reality”, the persistent gravity pulling digging journalists and intelligence investigators who smell blood or horrible ethical and security cracks, and the overwhelming flood of ugly holes in the President’s credibility are building to a disastrous point. The “emperor’s clothes” are falling apart.

Micheal Flynn from the New Yorker

Micheal Flynn from the New Yorker – who bought this so-called concrete?

The Washington Post today published incredibly damaging details on the lies of Micheal Flynn–and more concrete flaked off and added to the swamp of mud and debris threatening power generators and a state salmon hatchery.

Who’s at the controls?

Saturday (yesterday) an “unstable”  United Airlines pilot was removed from a plane in Austin, Texas.

Internal White House fiascos such as Nordstromgate, chaotic Tweets by the President at all hours sowing confusion, stupid innovative use of “alternate facts“, and sleazy financial ties are all inherently unstable conditions that must be addressed by citizens, if not the mercenary GOP. The opaque associations that are sprouting up through the White House staff and Trump’s closest advisors is a mud wallow. The nations’ security, honor, and rule of law are at stake. Maybe the pilot should be escorted out of the cockpit.


Apple El Capitan, Hotmail, and Charlie Brown

Like Charlie Brown’s nemesis Lucy, Apple’s newest OS X El Capitan 10.11 mail app  pulls the football out and Charlie (Apple’s loyal user) goes whoops! again, never learning.

The connection between Jobs’ Lucy model and the girl who pulls the classic stunt is purely coincidental, or is it? As are the widespread, much discussed and pondered, problems connecting Apple’s mail application with an existing Hotmail account; the “enter password” message pops up (and fails) despite deleting the account in System Preferences/Accounts and attempting to add it in again—and again. iOS 9.1 on mobile devices has a similar issue. After finding a way to work around the issue,  one can credibly assume this is not a real bug but more a complication of increasingly complex security practices.

I’ll go through step by step (with pictures even) about how I fixed it.

First login into your Hotmail account via web browser (I’m using a Mac). https://outlook.live.com


Under your profile image a drop-down menu (above) lets you select “View Account.” Do it.


Select “Security and Privacy” from the blue task bar.


Select “More security settings.” Then scroll down in the options to App Passwords.  By the way, I have two-step verification activated but that may not be necessary.


Select “create a new app password.”


Create a password. Important note: You will need to create a password for each device you are using Apple Mail and Hotmail on. I used three—iPad, iPhone, Mac Mini. So COPY the password right away.

I copied each generated password and pasted them into a new note that would sync with all three devices.

Copy one password from the note and use THAT for the much-requested password in one device and check it, select options mail, notes, etc, and away you go. Use one unique password for each device. 

distant US Capitol dome

U.S. Capitol SOTU eve, 2011 – photo Russ Imrie

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