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Yuuge Oroville Dam’s Shredding Concrete: Trump’s Gang is Cracking

Yuuge Oroville Dam’s Shredding Concrete: Trump’s Gang is Cracking

By Russell Imrie, Washington DC, February 12, 2017

The Crumbling Face of Trump’s out-of-control three-week old administration is exposing huge cracks in the struggling White House. Danger for the nation.

Mud, trees, rocks and debris pushed by overflowing river flows have destroyed the concrete spillway at giant Oroville Dam in California’s Sierra foothills.

overflow destroys massive Oroville Dam's spillway

photo from buellistic Sunday Feb 12 at 7:55-pm

A huge chasm has opened up across the spillway and State officials and workers are scrambling to mitigate an unexpected catastrophe. Damage to the dam is expected to cost up to $200 million in repairs, when and if, the water stops coming–maybe this summer. From barely containing any water at the peak of the latest draught to massive overflows, the situation is similar to the crumbling of Donald Trump’s presidency today. Unexpected flows of “reality”, the persistent gravity pulling digging journalists and intelligence investigators who smell blood or horrible ethical and security cracks, and the overwhelming flood of ugly holes in the President’s credibility are building to a disastrous point. The “emperor’s clothes” are falling apart.

Micheal Flynn from the New Yorker

Micheal Flynn from the New Yorker – who bought this so-called concrete?

The Washington Post today published incredibly damaging details on the lies of Micheal Flynn–and more concrete flaked off and added to the swamp of mud and debris threatening power generators and a state salmon hatchery.

Who’s at the controls?

Saturday (yesterday) an “unstable”  United Airlines pilot was removed from a plane in Austin, Texas.

Internal White House fiascos such as Nordstromgate, chaotic Tweets by the President at all hours sowing confusion, stupid innovative use of “alternate facts“, and sleazy financial ties are all inherently unstable conditions that must be addressed by citizens, if not the mercenary GOP. The opaque associations that are sprouting up through the White House staff and Trump’s closest advisors is a mud wallow. The nations’ security, honor, and rule of law are at stake. Maybe the pilot should be escorted out of the cockpit.

Tourists turned away from iconic museums and more today

Tourists and visitors to federally funded museums must change their plans today. Destinations and services are being hit or shuttered across the country.  From the Washington Mall to California’s Golden Gate National Recreational Area, plans have been disrupted. Reactions of visitors from the US and abroad are voiced in Tourists turned away from iconic Bay Area spots – SFGate.

Please check if your planned destination (real or virtual) is closed because of the Federal Government shutdown. Is one of the Smithsonian museums in your plans today? Think again.

Because of the federal government shutdown, all national parks are closed and National Park Service webpages are not operating. For more information, go to www.doi.gov.

Huffington Post has much more fresh content on this then I have here and it’s important for visitors and locals to plan accordingly. WJLA, the Washington DC ABC affiliate has an online list of affected (to one extent or another) federal services, from air travel to courts. Border security for those entering the US will continue to function for now.

How long will this last?

This is an unknown. The Washington Post, in an article published Monday, September 30 has a good backgrounder for those saying “Right On!” or “WTF?” Politico has an article on what could happen if a deadlocked Congress fails to deal with the budget crisis before the debt ceiling hits on October 17 which would greatly exacerbate the disruptions.

Why a nasty parliamentary act in a dispute over national health care could bring the government to its knees is an issue I urge you to think about. You may have time for it if your planned visit to a federal office, national park or a museum leaves an opening in your day. Oddly enough (or not) the New York State site for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare, ACA) experienced extremely high traffic as the historic US  national health care program rolled out October first. Which act is more important for the country is an interesting question.

distant US Capitol dome

U.S. Capitol SOTU eve, 2011 – photo Russ Imrie

Russell Imrie is a  Networking and Content Specialist, webmaster and an American Indian blogger living in the Washington DC area. More opinion pieces are at China Daily Mail and MediaSeenToo

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