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White House: Taiwan needs new F-16s – US confrontation with China? you read it here

China/US relations heat up considerably

White House: Taiwan needs new jets to counter China | The Cable .

F-16 (Wikipedia)

F-16 (Wikipedia)

and Chen Guangcheng holed up in the US Embassy in Beijing. (Washington Post April 30)

These major public incidents are slaps in the face of Chinese sensitivities and appearing on the global state, demand a reaction from the Politburo. Is the timing and the character of these two actions deliberate? I think someone is pushing a confrontation…read my earlier post on Taiwan‘s “Wired Straits

distant US Capitol dome

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An Unlike.ly Tale – bit.ly runs out of Libya! (WSJ)

Well, guess what? the “.ly” in bit,ly stands for Libya, owner of that top-level domain. Yes, protesters sending news on a killing in Tripoli or a tactical message about a government tank column were sending messages through their [Libya’s] servers.

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